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Tierra Increases Capacity to US$50m

Tierra are delighted to announce that with immediate effect we have increased the maximum capacity we can offer on any one project to US$50m. This has been made possible by Argo increasing their support from US$25m to US$35m. We are of course also well supported by a line of US$15m from Ascot.

2022 was Tierra’s first full year of operation and saw us providing coverage right across the spectrum of energy transition projects from offshore and onshore wind, through solar PV, battery storage and EV mobility.

This is just the start of Tierra's journey. As we scale up to meet the demand for insurance to support the financing of energy transition projects we will need more capacity and will need to provide cover across a wider range of projects. This is the challenge for the next few years. A challenge we are ready to meet.

January 2023

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