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Tierra deploys over US$500m of insurance capacity to support the energy transition.

Tierra Underwriting, the leading green credit insurance MGA, is pleased to announce it has deployed in excess of half a billion dollars in insurance capacity to support projects that are assisting the energy transition.

Since launch in 2021, Tierra has positioned itself as the only provider in the credit insurance market dedicated to supporting energy transition and green projects. With an ability to write policy periods of up to 20 years and insurance limits up to US$50m per risk and with a focus on efficiency and service, Tierra has been well received in the market. As a result, Tierra is rapidly becoming the go-to provider of green structured and project finance credit risk insurance.

Tierra has covered offshore and onshore wind projects, ground mounted and rooftop solar developments, battery energy storage systems and EV mobility projects, across 4 continents. Tierra plans to expand the range of technologies supported, to help facilitate the build out of green hydrogen, grid infrastructure, and other energy transition sectors, as more projects in these areas become bankable. Most projects supported to date include an element of construction risk, resulting in high levels of additionality in the Tierra portfolio.

Tierra has transacted with most key brokers and finance institutions in the market, and has benefitted from strong support from capacity partners, Westfield Speciality and Ascot Syndicate. Tierra remains ambitious to grow the business, as the energy transition accelerates, with a plan to double the insured portfolio in the next 12 months.

For any more information, please contact the Tierra leadership team:

September 2023

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